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city game tileset

a hand drawn, pen and paper isometric asset pack

A hand-drawn asset pack of 281 isometric environmental tiles, saved as compressed, individual pngs. Tiles are all 382 x 805 pixels, but with significant padded transparency to keep center alignment.

These tiles are CC-BY: free for any use, with a credit line. 


Full contents: agave1, anthill1, arch1, bag1, balloon1, bamboo1, barrier1, barrier2, bat1, bathtub1, bear1, bed1, bee1, beetle1, bench1, bicycle1, bike-rack1, bird1, bird2, bird3, bird4, bird5, bird6, bone1, book1, book2, book3, bookshelf1, bowl1, box1, branch1, branch2, brick1, broom1, bubble1, bush1, bush2, bush3, bush4, butterfly1, butterfly2, cabbage1, cactus1, calculator1, campfire1, canoe1, card1, carrot1, castle1, cat1, cat2, caution-sign1, cellar1, cement-pipe1, chair1, chair2, chair3, chest1, cinderblock1, clock1, cloud1, cloud2, cloud3, cloud4, coin1, column1, cone1, cone2, cookiejar1, couch1, cow1, cow2, coyote1, crab1, crow1, crown1, curtains1, cushion1, dandelion1, deer1, desk1, dice1, dirt1, dog1, doll1, donkey1, door1, dress1, dresser1, drink1, drum1, duck1, duck2, dumpster1, dust1, dust2, ear1, egg1, egg2, eggplant1, elevator1, envelope1, eye1, feather1, fire-extinguisher1, fire-hydrant1, fire1, flower1, flower2, flower3, flower4, fox1, frog1, fruit-tree1, fungus1, gas-can1, gate1, ghost1, globe1, goat1, goose1, grass1, grass2, grass3, grass4, grass5, grass6, grass7, grave1, grave2, greenhouse1, ground_tile_foliage1, ground_tile_foliage2, ground_tile_porous1, ground_tile_porous2, hammer1, hedgehog1, hoop1, horse1, hose1, house1, house2, house3, houseplant1, houseplant2, houseplant3, houseplant4, ladder1, lamp1, lamp2, laptop1, laundry1, leaf1, leaf2, leaf3, lion1, logs1, manhole1, memorial1, milemarker1, monument1, monument2, monument3, mop1, moss1, moss2, mug1, nest1, outdoor-light1, palm1, palm2, paper1, path1, pea1, pebble1, pebble2, pencil1, pencil2, person1, person2, person3, person4, person5, person6, pier1, pine1, pine2, plank1, plank2, plank3, pole1, possum1, power1, present1, puddle1, puddle2, puddle3, pump1, pumpkin1, pyramid1, pyramid2, pyramid3, rabbit1, rabbit2, radish1, rail1, reed2, reeds1, road1, rock1, rock2, rock3, rose1, rubble1, rubble2, sand1, sand2, sand3, sand4, sandal1, satellite-dish1, satellite1, satellite2, seed1, ship1, shoe1, silo1, slate1, sprouts1, squash1, squash2, stair1, stair2, stair3, stair4, stool1, stop-sign1, streetlight1, streetlight2, stump1, sun1, sun2, sun3, teddybear1, telephone-booth1, telescope1, tent1, tent2, tiger1, tile1, tile2, tile3, tire1, toilet1, tomato1, tomb1, tower1, track1, traffic-circle1, traffic-sign1, trash1, trashcan1, tree1, tree2, tree3, tree4, tree5, tropical1, tropical2, tropical3, turret1, twig1, twig2, umbrella1, vine1, water1, weasel1, well1, window1, wolf1, wood1


Drawn by Everest Pipkin and Loren Schmidt between 2017 & 2018, as Withering Systems.


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Amazing work :0


Awesome work, this is one of the most unique tilesets ever!


I made a little story/a place with this tileset: https://comigo.itch.io/everyone-is-afraid-to-be-forgotten

It was hard to manage signal and noise ratio with these tiles; some of the sprites got cleaned up a bit, others got thicker outlines.

I have two pages of additional sprites for it; one has additional blocks and a couple of mythical creatures, while the other has several UI elements and a reaper figure. I’ll share them once I clean up both of them (:



Very nice work, thanks for the contribution, hope someone use it to make something beautiful  💅💗


Very nice, I see it's CC4.0 but could you include the license as a license.txt in the .zip as it's very easy to not know if we download now and go use it in a game jam 3 months later

Seconding this.

281 hand-drawn tiles! that's impressive


Marvelous, thanks a lot!


Thanks so much for this!