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Awesome work, this is one of the most unique tilesets ever!


I made a little story/a place with this tileset:

It was hard to manage signal and noise ratio with these tiles; some of the sprites got cleaned up a bit, others got thicker outlines.

I have two pages of additional sprites for it; one has additional blocks and a couple of mythical creatures, while the other has several UI elements and a reaper figure. I’ll share them once I clean up both of them (:



Very nice work, thanks for the contribution, hope someone use it to make something beautiful  💅💗


Very nice, I see it's CC4.0 but could you include the license as a license.txt in the .zip as it's very easy to not know if we download now and go use it in a game jam 3 months later

Seconding this.

281 hand-drawn tiles! that's impressive


Marvelous, thanks a lot!


Thanks so much for this!